Pinterest & Writers Among Us

2014 Note: This Pinterest board is updated regularly!

While I was browsing through Pinterest one day, called there by a fun board by my friend Joanne Bamberger called “Binders Full of Women,” I thought it would be fun to create a pin board with my book covers, but then I thought I should add Joanne’s book, Mothers of Intention, since she was my inspiration.

Then a light bulb went off over my head. I could not leave out the Working Mom Survival Guide by my friends Teresa Palagano and Suzanne Riss, or Carol Evans’ manifesto on working mothers. Hmm, but then it was clear I couldn’t stop pinning. How could I leave out Camilla Webster’s Seven Pearls, one of the best finance books for women in 2012, or Cherie Blair’s memoir?

Having come up through the ranks as a journalist, I have lots of friends who write books–some of whom I met after they became authors, others I have known as they first germinated their manuscripts. Like Camilla, my Forbes’ colleagues have been among the most prolific but others are out there scratching the surface with forays into digital books!

So, I have filled a Pinterest Board with “Books Written by my Friends and Me.” I know it’s not complete and never will be. Who have I left out?  Please let me know!