Exercise Your Writing Muscles: Mini Writing Moments

A little logo with a typewriter and typewritten words "Just My Type." Writing.

Do you commute on public transportation, with long rides and time to yourself?  It’s a perfect time to capture a moment in writing. Whether it’s tapped out on your phone in the notepad or doodled in a beautifully bound notebook, write down an observation or a feeling, thought or reflection about the news or something you have read.  Maybe it’s a conversation overheard, a description of a beautiful outfit you saw, a funny dog, or the way the conductor clicks your ticket.  Whether you write memoirs or memos, gathering good language will increase your focus on words.  Maybe your written notes will be used for something later, or maybe just be an exercise in themselves.  But good writing, like your muscles, needs to be exercised in a variety of ways.  Doodling a rhyme makes you think differently than writing Dear Sir.  Taking notes at a meeting is not as luxurious as imaging a conversation between the two strangers sitting across from you.

How do you think mini-writing moments can benefit you?

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