It’s fun to learn in groups. Or it’s more efficient. Either way, workshops are a great way to learn new skils and strategies. Our customized workshops can be scheduled to meet the unique needs of your organization–part of team-building or training day, a series of breakfasts or lunch-and-learns, half-day programs or full-day intensives, or special evening events.

For all Missions:

You are a Brand Ambassador (even if you didn’t know it): For companies, nonprofits or membership groups. This workshop will empower every team member to be evangelists for your organization’s brand sharing the mission, even if your members are entrepreneurs and solo teams!

How to be a Memorable Speaker: You and your teams are often in the spotlight; many of you speak at conferences; create videos for the web; hold community meetings and events. Media training can give all of you the tools you need to be better at it. Programs can be done in group sessions bringing everyone up to speed on the tips and tricks of interviews, panel moderation, or presentations. (More about one-on-one coaching.)

For Editorial Teams:

Revealing Content: You already have great content and plans for more, but how can you get more out of what you’ve already created?

Finding Your Sweet Spot: Sometimes editorial becomes too broad. In this workshop, the team hones in on their most valuable content areas via analytics, story ideation and planning.

The Perfect Content Calendar: 5 Secrets to making your blog and social media work for you

For Business Communications

Keywords and SEO–Basic Tools for Digital Writers: boost your digital content with some tricks used by publishers to grab their audiences.

Putting Social in Business: Your social media journey for enterprise and individuals
Networking = Communicating: For affinity groups, networking events & organizations–learning the keys to great one-on-one dialogues for personal connections, lead-generation and advocacy.

For Nonprofits & NGOs

Knowing our mission: Once the mission and focus of the mission-driven firm is clear, it’s time to get everyone on the same page–from the interns to the COO. How do they describe the work they do, what words do they use to engage with each other, with volunteers, with advocates and strangers ready to become part of their community and mission.

Putting Social in Your Work: This social means digital social media. What platforms are right for you? How do you engage inside and outside the organization? And what is the payoff and expectation. (This is not your marketing plan but your people plan.)

Networking = Advocacy: learning the keys to great one-on-one dialogues for personal connections, lead-generation and advocacy. This is not just important for individuals but for organizations to encourage their “people” to be great networkers and great advocates.