Communications does not begin and end with the communications department. Everyone must be a storyteller and communicator, across all departments. Fundraising, development, membership drives are endless. Making sure your team is at the top of their communications game will give them an edge. Here’s a menu of how we can help:

  • Create your story and message
  • Develop an editorial strategy across platforms: text-video-social-mobile
  • Plan your editorial calendar
  • Help you with better editorial workflow
  • Write social media guidelines and how-tos for every member of your staff

Media, Storytelling and Presentation Coaching

Investing in public speaker training for all your people will pay back. Your executives need to be able to share their message on the fly or in front of thousands from a podium. Crafting the right message is a start. Making sure the leader, staffer and volunteer delivers it well is the next step.  It shouldn’t just be left to the CEO.

Turn your leaders, teams, volunteers, board members and advocates into evangelists with:

  • one-on-one for executives
  • workshops for internal and external teams. See our workshops page for program ideas.

Video Storytelling

Since video is on every smartphone, you want to craft your message in video to make it memorable and sharable. It starts with great storytelling, magnified by great visuals and amplified by sharing. Let us help you.  More about our video production here.

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